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About Me

Hello, I’m Ehsan Abboud, a migrant to the United Kingdom from Saudi Arabia. I immigrated in the early 2000’s in order to take a job with a local newspaper, and since then, I’ve been connecting with people all over the world in order to help them to get a better understanding of general business and finance news all over the world.

I live outside of Brighton with my wife, Asha, and my son, Jamal, who is now in his teens. Asha and I have been married for a number of years and we are active in our religious community here in the city. We are also active in volunteering for any number of organizations that help those who are impoverished or struggling in our community and around the world.

My passion is business and finance and bringing it to people that may be intimidated by trying to study it. Ever since I was studying at university, I was helping my fellow students to have a better understanding of everything that we were working through as a part of our education. I knew that I would want to do some sort of job where I was continuing that work – and journalism ended up being the perfect fit for me.

I first did work in Yemen for a local paper, but as tensions got higher and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to raise a family or stay safe – especially as a journalist – I headed back to Saudi Arabia for a short period of time. Then, I found the job for the paper I’m currently affiliated in. I write for it under a pen name (in order to protect my identity – I’m still nervous about what is going on in the Middle East) and generally keep to myself as a part of my daily activities.

My family enjoys spending time together. We occasionally go to the local pub for trivia nights – I carry the way with economics and history, my wife is excellent at pop culture, and my son has started to become a standout with the arts and sports and any sort of recreation. We do quite well and have a lovely time. Otherwise, at home, we enjoy watching older movies and playing classic games like chess, Go, and Chinese checkers. My son is preparing to go to university within a few years with plans of becoming a curator.

There are several vocational schools in the region that sometimes call me in so that I can speak to their classes about Middle Eastern business and the etiquette associated with working with Middle Eastern business professionals. As you can tell, I really enjoy sharing what I know and helping people to work out the details so that they can perform their jobs as best as possible.

In short, I’m your ordinary, nerdy gentleman from the Middle East with a passion for sharing knowledge with people. I’m excited that you’ve decided to join me on my journey and with what we’re doing on this website as well.

I would also like to take this chance to thank my friend Ayush for helping me set up this website and get it looking nice. I am by no means an expert when it comes to website design, so I really appreciate your help, Ayush! Ayush and his friend Ajay have just launched a website called HerbMighty and their job is pretty fun – they sit back and just review the best CBD oil