Diwaniyya | Cryptocurrency Leader Ripple is Opening in Dubai

Cryptocurrency Leader Ripple is Opening in Dubai

Cryptocurrency Leader Ripple is Opening in Dubai

Ripple, which is a crypto leader that started the 3rd largest type of cryptocurrency worldwide (XRP) is working out plans in which they are going to open a new space in Dubai. Currently, the company has locations in London, Singapore, New York City, San Francisco, Luxembourg, and Sydney and is looking to continue to expand their reach.

Speculation is that part of their reasoning is related to where some of their business is coming from – specifically, the Kuwait Finance House and the Al-Rahji Bank (found in Saudi Arabia). They have also said that, as they look at the bigger picture of their future, the Middle East has had a lot of signers to contracts that they have started to provide to agencies that wish to join Ripple in their expansion.

The leadership has been quoted as saying that the Middle East is one of the main spaces in which they are going to be expecting growth in the future, and they want to provide simpler ways that they could take care of cross- border payments and trading, which also makes sense for their expansion and the future of the company as a whole as well.

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