Diwaniyya | Hungarian Foreign Minister Speaks Out Against EU’s Blackmail and Revenge Campaign Against Country

Hungarian Foreign Minister Speaks Out Against EU’s Blackmail and Revenge Campaign Against Country

Hungarian Foreign Minister Speaks Out Against EU’s Blackmail and Revenge Campaign Against Country

Hungary has been known for protecting their national borders in recent months, and during the opening of the UN General Assembly last month, their Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Peter Szijjarto) spoke to reporters about some of his concerns to the EU. Many of these concerns were related to how the EU has been putting pressure on Hungary to take their share of immigrants from the Middle East.

This young man (only 39) has been involved in Hungarian politics in one way or another since he was 20, and has been a loud voice against the EU’s push against Hungarian sovereignty, as he puts it. Prime Minister Orban and his administration have been accused of being a threat to the values of the EU, and he actually had a working visit to Russia a short while back in order to help expand their relationship.

Szijjarto spoke of situations where migrants had marched through Hungary, claiming that only Hungary had the right to be able to claim whether or not migrants should be allowed in their borders, citing his concern that the immigrants would “significantly change the makeup of Hungary and other countries in the European Union.” As a result, they built a fence and made policies that required migrants to enter the country “the legal way.” Since then, Szijjarto claims, the EU has been slandering Hungary, most recently with the Sargentini Report.

In short, the Sargentini Report criticizes much of Prime Minister Orban’s policies and the policies of Hungary; not just in relation to immigration policies, but also related to the way that laws are made through legislation, how laws are kept through the judicial process, and other governmental decision making. Calling it a “full frontal assault on Hungary and its values,” Szijjarto claims that the country has a right to protect its borders so that they can maintain their sovereignty and to maintain its status as a “Christian Nation,” sounding much like several other countries throughout the world that have been cracking down on mass immigration in their own fashion.

During Szijjarto’s interview, he came back to the Christian rhetoric, stating that the EU wanted a national integration and that the EU was going to become “post-Christian.” Multiple times throughout his interviews, he made statements that indicated that the EU was doing things that were against the will of the European people, and that they were taking “revenge on Hungary” in order to try and dissuade other parts of Europe from following their lead in that regard.

However,  Szijjarto claims that Hungary would suffer if they left the EU, since Hungary was just leaving Communism when they joined up with the EU. The economic issues would worsen and they would start to see many issues if they left. So, at this point in time, it seems like Hungary is trying to tow the line and keep up with whatever it is that they are trying to do as a result of this whole thing. European Union funding is vital to Hungary at this point in time, so it’s definitely uncertain as to what is going to come of this.

Will Hungary start to “fall in line” or will they continue to fight in order to maintain their sovereignty while still remaining a member of the EU? If so, it could make a very big difference in regards to Middle Eastern relations to the EU and how migrants are treated in other areas of the EU. We will have to wait and see in order to figure out next steps.

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