Diwaniyya | Open Abayas Have Created A New Trend of Modest Outfit by Muslim Women

Open Abayas Have Created A New Trend of Modest Outfit by Muslim Women

Open Abayas Have Created A New Trend of Modest Outfit by Muslim Women

The Quran, the Holy Book of Islam, emphasizes on a modest way to dress by followers of this religion and this applies to both men and women, but religious leaders enforce this rule more on women. The Islam in modern time has been forked into two groups. Here we are not going to talk of traditional Shia and Sunni Muslims, but of orthodox and modern Muslims. The orthodox Muslim community is rigid about their ancestral traditions, but modern Muslim community is versatile with the changing traditions of metamorphizing world. This makes a big distinction in their way of thinking and living in the society.

Outfit enforcement on Muslim women

Let’s understand what was the purpose of the Holy Quran to say about modest way to dress? Modest dress refers to an outfit that fits in the society in which someone lives and this doesn’t result in obscenity. The Muslim leaders have interpreted it in a wrong way because they want to rule and maintain their command over Islam community. Muslim womenfolk have been considered feeble creatures since the past and most enforcement are made on them. Wearing of a veil, called hijab, is a religious enforcement on Muslim women in all parts of the globe. For instance, Saudi Arabian women are required to wear the abaya outfit (you can find abayas online).

Fashion can do what a religion can’t

The question is what makes the sense to enforce wearing of hijabs in Muslim nations or abayas in Saudi Arabia. Some tenets of Islam say that it protects women from malevolent eyes of men, but what black abaya can do to save them that some other color can’t do. Why not men be punished for their sinful acts against women? Why women are victimized? No Muslim leader can answer to this question because this is ambiguous. The trends have changed and so is the style of wearing abayas in some parts of the globe. Open abaya is example of this changing trend.

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