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The Midterms – More than Policy Issues?

The Midterms – More than Policy Issues?

The Midterms in the United States happened in early November, and the implications were high. Many people knew that, if the GOP lost either the House or the Senate (and especially if they lost both), it was going to severely hinder Donald Trump and his ability to push through policy changes that he wished to put through. As of this writing, the Democrats now have control of the House of Representatives, and the Senate is still a GOP majority.

That being said, it wasn’t just about policy issues. Trump has done some very ominous things throughout his presidency and, as a result, he has been under a lot of scrutiny. Many of his policies and what he’s been doing have been based in the Middle East or in regards to people from the Middle East or of Middle Eastern descent. But, he has maintained a relationship with Saudi Arabian leadership, and speculation has been out there as to whether or not he knew of the assassination plot against Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi.

The corruption eating away at the Presidency is something that has been a big part of since the beginning. From the hidden finances, to the possible Russia connections that are still being investigated, and more, it’s been a lot of speculation about what it is that is going on and how Trump is involved in making all of it happen in the first place. It has been confusing, and many of the facts have been obscured by the constant lies and such.

So, why was this midterm one of the most important in a long time? From my point of view, it’s because of the negative impact that the Presidency has had on the Middle East in particular (but worldwide). As he continues to meddle in Middle Eastern affairs, he is not just harming the political climate of the entire world, it is also going to start to impact things economically as well. While it will take time for all of this to happen (and it may not show up until next year at the earliest), it could have a domino effect and end up being disastrous for the world.

Not only that, but there are also moral implications going on here. In any other context, a media professional like Mr. Khashoggi would have been protected if there were any word to the United States about an assassination plot. Not only that, but if there hadn’t been word of the plot and it happened in the same way, then there would be investigations and such – but Trump has seemed to blow it off and ignore everything that comes with the processes here. His disregard for the media in general is something that should be concerning and should have been a red flag – but the GOP is literally doing nothing in regards to his inaction or corruption.

The lack of human empathy in Trump has been cited by many people – from politicians to psychiatrists – as something of concern. When you look at many of the presidents of the past, they seemed to have some level of empathy for something, anything – even Nixon, with the Watergate scandals, had empathy for environmental causes. But he has none, creating cruel policies, taking kids away from their parents and just generally being a man who has no loyalty to anyone but himself and the money that he feels he is going to be able to make as a result of his presidency.

There is a lot to be looked at here, and that’s why this election was so important. The numbers are in and it is the midterm with the best turnout in over 100 years – that’s saying a lot in a country that is known worldwide for having poor turnouts of voters, even in presidential elections. Many Democrats did very well in traditionally red states (Kansas being one of the biggest flips in terms of their governor and more than one representative). It shows that many people want a national cleansing, to wash away the corruption and try to make right a lot of the wrongs that have happened since January of 2017.

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